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In today’s dynamic corporate environment, LEADERS are pressured to deliver RESULTS quickly while ensuring future SUCCESSES. Are your EXECUTIVES prepared? Learn how Executive Coaching can help your Leaders SUCCEED.
More & more Corporate Leaders recognize that working with an Executive Coach is career enhancing strategy; especially with young management team members. Learn more about how Executive Coaching can help your team SUCCEED and develop strong Executive Management for your organization . Leadership Development through Executive Coaching.
Critical Leadership Skills are essential in the Medical Industry. Enable your team to become great leaders with Executive Coaching.

Executive Coaching Services Provided Since 1984

RJ Winston Consulting offers expert Executive Coaching & Consulting Services, Leadership Development and Group & Team Facilitation built upon years of proven success in the corporate Human Resource Field.

We understand that regardless of what industry you are in, professional teams face similar challenges.  Our extensive experience across a broad range of industries (from the healthcare & medical industry, to high-tech, manufacturing and public service) enables us to strengthen, build and lead your team to success.  

Key focus areas include: C-Level Executive Coaching; Strategic Leadership Skills; and Career Coaching for Professional Executive Management Teams.

Flexible Engagement Options to Meet Your Organizational Development Needs

Whether you need personal, one-on-one or group training sessions, or technology-based sessions for your strategic leadership skills training (Zoom, Go-to-Meeting, Skype, WebCam, Lynx); we have the experience to meet your needs

What We Do

Group Coaching

Groups can derail for many reasons, but one thing is usually present that prevents the group from moving forward – “agendas”.  We teach you how to deal with the “elephant-in-the-living-room” syndrome.  When these agendas are called out, the group can move on by gaining proper perspective.


Executive Coaching

At RJ Winston Consulting, we focus on balancing individual & organizational objectives. Our philosophy is simple: we work with the whole person.  We customize our approach to the person and situation.  Second, we believe in a fundamental premise about leaders and teams: the essential ingredient for success for the leader and the team is “Trust”.   Without it no leader or team can be successful. Trust must be part of the DNA from the leader to the team and team to the leader.  We help leaders evaluate the level of trust they have with their teams and then factor that into a customized approach.


Conflict Management

Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing. Team conflict can, when viewed properly, be the basis for very dynamic thinking that leads to a better decision or outcome.  We like to call this discord “dynamic tension”. When properly managed this dynamic can lead to better decisions and stronger more lasting outcomes.


Life Coaching

Why Life Coaching? Many engage life coaches for guidance in significant life changes, such as a new career. In recent years a growing number of creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs utilize life coaches to reach success in their professional and personal lives. The main benefit of working with a life coach is the ability to gain a fresh, informed perspective to your challenges. Additionally, a life coach can help you to identify negative patterns that prevent you from achieving success.


Executive Coaching:  Enlightening Leaders & Helping Organizations Reach Their Full Potential​ 


Healthcare / Medical

  • Exec. Level Hospital Administrators
  • Senior Medical Staff
  • Doctors ​ & Nurses

Public & Private Sector

  • C-Level Executives
  • Mid-Level Directors & Managers​

Industrial, Manufacturing & Corporate