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At RJ Winston Consulting, our #1 goal is to provide you with all the information and Coaching Resources you need to make the RIGHT decision for YOU when choosing an Executive Coaching Consultant.  And if you would like to do some personal researching first, we encourage you to explore our Thought-Leadership Article / Blog Library.  Still have some questions?  We would be happy to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION with you to discuss your concerns & answer your questions.


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Advices that is the One of the BEST Coaching Resources! Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt Say: “Everybody Needs a Coach”

In an April 2013 TED Talk, Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt give the advice: “Everybody needs a coach”.  When major CEOs who have accomplished so much in their professional careers positively recommend mentoring & coaching for “everyone” – don’t you think that is something you should listen to?  Invest in your future; see what Executive Coaching can do for you.

Looking for great advice & resources on Executive Coaching? Listen to the experts! See what Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt say about why “Everybody needs a Coach” in this TED Talk.

New Employee Coaching Resources Blog

New Kids on the Block Series

Sometimes you need a FRESH LOOK to set you on the path to SUCCESS. RJ Winston Consulting (the Expert Executive Coaching) has the Coaching Resources you need to Succeed. Executive Coaching focuses on DEVELOPING LEADERS (Performance, continual improvement skills, positive leadership behaviors).
Your career, like any great journey, requires a ROAD MAP. Where do you see your professional path in 5-10 years? You need Coaching Resources to create your Successful Career Road Map! Let RJ Winston Consulting provide Executive Coaching Services to help you strategize your FUTURE.
The FOCUS of Executive Coaching is on improving the performance of C-Level & Management Leaders. RJ Winston Consulting has great COACHING RESOURCES to help you learn more on how your Leaders can bring success to your team with Professional Career Coaching!

What Our Clients Say:

“I can attest to the unique and intuitive approach of Mr. Reggie Winston, and believe that the directness of his no-nonsense technique is refreshing to anyone tired of dealing with duplicitous interpersonal interactions and coaches who act more in a capacity as cheerleaders, than as professional advisors and confidants.  Unquestionably, my interactions with him have made me a better leader, colleague, professional, and even a family man, and I am indebted to him for his wisdom and guidance.”

Kenneth D. Candido, M.D.
Chairmen, Dept. of Anesthesiology, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

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