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Succeed With an Executive Career Coach! Don’t Be One of the 50 to 70% of CEOs & Execs who FAIL.  Invest in Your Most Critical Asset – YOU!

At RJ Winston Consulting, we understand that finding the RIGHT Executive Career Coach for you is an important decision.  We are happy to provide a Complimentary Consultation to discuss if we are the right fit for your unique career needs.  We work with you to define a custom coaching program you need.  We can provide personal, one-on-one or group training sessions and offer technology-based sessions for your strategic leadership skills training (Zoom, Go-to-Meeting, Skype, WebCam, Lynx).

Benefits of an Executive Career Coach

Utilizing an Executive Career Coach can provide your organization an average ROI of almost  6x the cost of the coaching services.

(Source:  Manchester Inc.)

Why Coaching Works!

Organizations report a measurable improvement of team communication & effectiveness, engagements and productivity.

Goal Setting

We help you articulate & create an inventory  &  set a timeline for your goals, & align them with your career through an in depth consultation & FORTE analysis.

Team Building

Companies engaging in team development report improvement of communications, effectiveness,  productivity,  &  management-to-peer relationships.

Stress Management

You are not immune to stress!  Competition &  performance pressure make you a stress magnet.  We help identify stress triggers  & implement change.

Career Development

Success doesn’t just happen, you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN! Executive Coaching is your solution for Career Success!

Who Needs Executive Career Coaching ?

Some of the world’s most successful CEOs & Leaders understand everyone can improve & benefit from Executive Coaching (Bill Gates – Microsoft; Meg Whitman – Hewlett Packard; Alan Mulally – Ford; & Larry Page – Google).

Watch the Ted Talk
“Everyone Needs a Coach”
with Bill Gates &
Eric Schmidt Legendado.

What to Expect with Executive Coaching Process

RJ Winston’s Executive Coaching is an 8-Step process that begins with an in depth, one-on-one consultation with you to assess if we are the “right” fit for you.  If not, we are happy to refer you to another Executive Coach.

How Long Does Executive Coaching Take?

While each client’s needs & goals are unique; a typical Executive Coaching process typically takes a minimum of 1 year. We meet once a week for an hour for the first 6 months, then every other week for the second half of the year.


Our first step is an in depth, one-on-one consultation to make sure RJ Winston is a good match for you. If not, we match you with another Executive Coach.


In step 2 we conduct an “inventory” to help you identify what you hope to achieve in the Executive Coaching process.


We perform a FORTE Communications Style analysis designed to provide a deeper level of understanding of your interpersonal communication style & strengths.


This step includes an assessment of the top priorities you want to achieve in the coaching process.


We identify and align your coaching priorities with the organizational goals of your corporation.


Before moving to the second half of your coaching process, we agree when there has been significant progress & it is time to move to the next priority.


Step 7 evaluates the progress we have made in the Executive Coaching process and re-assesses our strategy to ensure we are still on track with your goals.


The final step of our Executive Coaching process establishes an agreement & timeline of your coaching completion date.

What are the benefits of using an Executive Career Coach or a Leadership Development Consultant? Does Executive Coaching really work? Are executive coaching services expensive. Who pays for an executive coach? Will my company pay for executive coaching services? We know you have a lot of questions! At RJ Winston Consulting, your #1 Expert Executive Coach, we have the answers & a plan to put you on a Successful career path.
Why leaders who work use an Executive Career Coach as a training tool are more successful. CEOs who use leadership coaching services communicate better.
Business providing Executive Career Coaching services for their leaders typically see a 570% return on their investment. (Source: Manchester Review). Executive Coaching Services In Oak Park Illinois IL 60302
Many corporations cite the result & key benefit of using an Executive Career Coaching is a reduced turnover rate and increased retention of top performing staff. Leadership Development Coaching in Greater Chicago Area, Illinois IL

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At RJ Winston Consulting we value your privacy and personal information.  We will keep your contact information private & will not share your contact Information with any 3rd party.  We are happy to communicate with you with whatever method is best for you: phone, text, email, or virtual meeting.