Conflict Management Coaching

Don’t avoid conflict; face it and make it work for you? We are happy to give you a complimentary Conflict Management evaluation!

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Frequently Asked

Do we have to meet in person for a consultation?

We can accommodate you whether you need a personal or technology-based consultation we have the experience to meet your needs.

Do you work in a specific industry?

We have extensive experience across a broad range of industries; from the healthcare & medical industry, to high-tech, manufacturing and public service.

What areas of Coaching do you focus in?

Our key focus areas include: C-Level Executive Coaching; Strategic Leadership Skills; Career Coaching for Professional Executive Management Teams; & Life Coaching.

Do you only coach C-Level Executives?

Our expertize is in working with the complete management team:
C-Level, Executive Leaders, Directors, & Mid-Level Managers.

How long does coaching take?

Typically coaching takes a minimum of a 1 year engagment. Group Facilitation & Conflict Management are a case-by-case basis & we can define that in your project evaluation.

Our Coaching Services

Conflict management coaching is a type of professional coaching that helps people learn how to handle conflicts effectively and constructively. Some of the benefits of conflict management coaching are: Ability to cope with change, stress, & adversity. Enhanced solutions-focused thinking. Enhanced team trust & connection. Improved self-awareness. Increased team productivity, energy, & positive cooperation. Optimized organizational learning. Renewed culture of collaboration & communication, Improved leadership skills. Strengthened resilience. Conflict management coaching enables your team to identify & develop preferred conflict management styles and engage respectfully and effectively with team members in conflict situations.

Executive Coaching

The #1 Goal of our CEO Development Development & Executive Coaching Services is to enable leaders to become Great Leaders and to be the architect of their career success.

Group Coaching

We are happy to meet with you to discuss your team dynamics and evaluate if your team can benefit from Group Coaching services.

Conflict Management

Everyone views conflict as a negative thing. At RJ Winston, we help you see the postitive potential of addressing conflict & resolving it.

Life Coaching

Everyday life can be a challange.  At RJ Winston we offer counseling & encouragement through your personal or career challenges.

The #1 issue of Top 10 Work-Place Stress Factors according to employees is: Co-workers not pulling weight. Executive Coaching for Conflict Management can help your team & Executive Leaders overcome team conflicts & enable success.
The #2 issue of Top 10 Work-Place Stress factors according to employees is: Utilizing an Expert Executive Coaching for Conflict Management equips your team & C-Level Executives to succeed.
The #4 issue of Top 10 Work-Place Stress Factors is: Too Much Pressure From Managers. Give your team & Executive Leaders the tools they need to succeed with Conflict Management training with an Expert Executive Coach

What Our Clients Say:

“I would strongly recommend Reginald Winston for either executive coaching work and / or organizational development work.  His keen insight and observations about organizational change made our work with clients very successful. His execution of ideas is top notch. And his energy in group facilitation keeps leaders engaged and focused on moving toward success.”

Chris Hunter
Owner,  CL Hunter Consulting, Inc.